Talisman d'hanuman

The different types of talismans

Attention, the talismans that I offer are not commercial sale items. They should only be done if necessary. Depending on the person’s problems, I would offer the consultant the appropriate talisman for him by following the instructions of my guide.

Voyance Mulhouse

Talisman d'Hanuman

The talisman of Hanuman (monkey-headed god) is essentially used to protect you from the Kuttitchathan (an entity known to Hindus). Afterwards, this talisman of Hanuman can also be used to protect you from evil spirits and bad weather.

According to astrology, if our weather is bad, an accident may occur. This talisman will protect you from this bad weather. It is during the consultation that I can find out if you are having bad weather or not.

Afterwards no evil spirit can approach you if you wear it around your neck.

First name, last name, date of birth required. A talisman and a Yantra (a wheel of protection) will be made. The talisman is to be worn around the neck and the yantra is to be put in your wallet. That way, if you lose one, the other will be there.

Authorization not necessary from my guide but recommended.

Price: 80 euros.

Talisman of the evacuation of negative energies

This talisman of the god Muruga, when you wear it, will evacuate all negative energies from your body (evil eye, etc.) and will prevent them from entering your body.

No evil spirit can come near you.

Authorization not necessary from my guide.

Price: 80 euros.

Talisman of seduction

Generally speaking, at work, colleagues will be more friendly towards you.

In which case should you not do it?

You shouldn’t do it for someone else’s wife or someone else’s man.

Price: 80 euros

Talisman of separation

This talisman will create terrible fights between two people and separate them.

When should you not do it? This should not be done for a couple who love each other.

Need permission from my guide.

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