Communication with the deceased

Communicating with the deceased is something I've never done but I can do it. This is why clairvoyance is free for the moment. You could ask your questions to the deceased. The consultation is done by telephone

Ritual for emotional return or to find your love

Ritual to bring back your ex. Please note, I only do this with authorization from my guide during the consultation.
We cannot do this ritual for someone else's wife or for someone else's man. The person must be totally single.
Price: 299 euros

Search for a missing person by Astral Travel

During an astral journey, one can come into contact telepathically with a wanted person.

If the person sought has already died, I will land in a cemetery. In this case, I reimburse the customer.

My job: I establish contact and forward your message. My mission ends there.
Price: 50 euros.

New business? Do you want an opinion on the place?

I need a photo of the place where you want to start your business.
You could send the photo by whatsapp and the consultation is done by phone
Price: 50 euros.

Protection of the car by ritual

Someone regularly damages your car out of jealousy. Don't know how to fight?
You have done nothing wrong, you are completely innocent.
You want to find peace.
Intervention in mainly French-speaking countries and English-speaking countries if you could communicate by text message.
Price: 50 euros.

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